5 Raddest Science Experiment Games For Kids🧪🧬🚀

Science Experiment Games For Kids

Does your child have an interest in science and technology? Do you think that he needs to explore more? Do you think that learning in a classroom is just not enough? Do you think that your child should engage himself in a healthy manner against sitting ideally throughout the day?

There are certain games that will help your little scientists in polishing up their cognitive skills and that they will be able to explore their imaginations in a deeper sense. There will be a boost in the confidence and a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after playing these games. They will get to know more about the application skills  They will be able to think out of the box!

1. Smartivity (Amazing Science Lab)

This is a wonderful get for your little ones. It consists of 44 + chemistry science experiments kits. It consists of safe and non-toxic components and is a very attractive gift. The material used in the components is child-safe. Your child will be learning chemistry concepts consisting of physical reactions, acids, bases, properties of water, soap making and polymer science. It can be a very interesting kit for your little scientist.

It will engage your kids in a healthy way which will polish up their core skills and basic science concepts.

The instruction guide will support your child through 100+ experiments.

There are more fun and exciting experiments like:

  • How does a Rocket shoot up in the air?
  • Why does Lemon Taste Tangy?
  • How are new Colours Made?
  • Is there a way to mix Oil & Water?
  • Is the Black ink really Black?

This game will help in developing the brain of your child and is recommended.

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2. TinkL (Tinker Lab Home)

It is a DIY Robotics Kit that consists of Cars, guns, Shooters, Model Building, Construction Toys. It is the best gift for kids. Tinker Lab at Home can be Built  Played or even invented.

It requires the application of analytical and creative skills.

It is a base kit that includes high-quality wooden child-friendly reusable magnetic parts. It contains 65+ STEM activities.

It contains step by step instruction manual so that your toddler does not get stuck in one place. It states the working of each component.

This is an engaging kit and helps increase the bond with your little ones as it includes the need for communication.

Moreover, the game will boost confidence amongst the little ones and a child is able to explore his imaginations in a deeper sense.

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3. Genius box (Explosive Science)

It is an educational activity kit that contains stem learning. There are three stem projects inside the kit. The main objective of this game is to polish up concepts and skills like Critical Thinking, Creative Skills, Imagination Development, Reasoning Skills, STEM, Observation Skills and core skills.

Your child learns creative science STEM Activities. Make your little one learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with this fun and entertaining Genius Box.

Scientific development and cognitive learning are what your child will focus upon while going through the inspiring activities in this game. It is a really fun and engaging kit for toddlers.

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4. Wondrbox (Inspiring Legend Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam)

This is a 4-in-1 DIY activity pack. it consists of inspiring and motivational activities which will keep your little one engaged. It is a very valuable kit for your children.

It covers Maths concepts in the form of a puzzle.

It has scientific application and toddlers can launch their own rocket by applying their creative and imaginative skis.

Your little ones will be making their own scrapbook by applying creativity.

There will also be a Satellite of their own!

It majorly focuses on skills development and cognitive development which will make your child a lifelong learner.

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5. Squaredrop Store (Satellite Launch Vehicle)

This is a non-working static model. Your child will definitely love this one. It is wholly based on skill development. A complete instruction manual is there in the kit which will guide your child on each step. The instruction manual consists of photographs and easy language made from the point of view of little scientists.

It ignites interest in science subjects and inculcates a Sky Science, Astronomy attitude amongst the toddlers.

The theme of this educational kit is Learning, Science, Space Science, Physics, Sky Science, Space Shuttle.

The cognitive skills are inculcated throughout the making of the model.

All the parts are detachable and recyclable and your child will have to apply the skills to build the satellite.

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Your little scientists should go through certain games which will polish up their cognitive skills and can help them get ahead of the class. Their overall scientific skills acquired by playing such games will boost confidence and motivation in them. Their goals will become clear and brighter. They will know how to communicate on the topic they have chosen. They will explore more against those who won’t be indulging in such games.

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