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Exciting Games For Kids

Some games can be interesting while others can get boring after a certain period. What makes one game more interesting than others is based upon the concepts and skills that are involved throughout the game.

The game which requires skills and has challenges is more interesting than others. The game which instigates curiosity can be more attractive and engaging.

Choosing a fun learning game is important. A game can be a waste if it gets boring after a certain period.

1. Gurukanth’s Flash Cards

Are you looking for the best learning toy for your little ones? Gurukanth’s flashcards (28 cards) are one of the best learning tools for toddlers. They are designed for easy understanding and learning.

Your child will acquire knowledge that he will want to learn with curiosity and learn throughout the game.

The beautifully designed glimmered cards are very attractive and are water-resistant. These cards do not catch scratches easily making them durable in nature. These cards are made up of safe material. They are child-safe. 

This game helps in image acknowledgement and increases retention power amongst your kids. They have a great design and the huge expressions on the cards makes it simple for reading and understanding even from far off. They are durable, has a tough box and are very great for learning purposes. Your child will never get bored because of the overwhelming curiosity throughout the card game.

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2. Skillmatics (Space Explorers)

Space explorers by Skillmatics is a write and wipe activity mat. Your little ones can never get bored of this activity mat.

It is durable and is made up of safe material.

It comes with an instruction manual which is very easy to understand.

This game includes:-

  • Six double-sided activity mats,
  • Two pens,
  • one duster cloth and
  • one achievement certificate.

Your child will be able to acquire skills and learn throughout the game without getting bored. This game consists of 19+ engaging activities. This activity mat will help your child in building their analytical and core skills throughout the game. Your child will acquire a number of skills after learning and practising this activity mat. Some of the skills are:-

✓Creative skills




✓Communication skills

Some of the concepts which your child will learn are:-

✓Phases of the moon








It is a skill-oriented game and your child can never get bored by playing this game full of innovations.

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3. Sparklebox Math Learning Kit

Your little mathematicians can never get bored of this game  It is made for increasing memory capacity and visualising maths with their own Perception. This game is based on concepts like:-

•Addition & Subtraction of like fractions,

•Multiplication & Division concepts,

•Arithmetic operations using currency,

•Word problem-solving techniques.

It is easy to understand and consists of a detailed manual for supportive purposes.

This kit requires your child to coordinate their actions and their brain in a timely manner. Your child will know how to make clear objectives. This kit will help in polishing up the motor skills and cognitive skills of your child.

This is an appropriate game for gifting purposes and is based on fun and learning. Your child can never get bored of this game. It is a skill-based game aimed at the growth and development of the motor skills of your child.

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4. Skillmatics (Guess in 10)

This pack of foods around the world is a very interesting game. It consists of 96 tiles and a comprehensive and clear instruction manual for easy understanding.

One of the game sets includes fifty Game Cards, six Clue Cards. The box size is portable and travel friendly and is therefore very handy.

The players have to guess the name of the dish on the guessed card. He is allowed to ask for a maximum of 10 questions and guess the dish or he loses. Whichever player wins 7 card games at first is the winner.

For this, the child will require skills like intelligence so that intelligent questions are framed. This way, he will acquire analytical, thinking and problem-solving skills throughout the game. It majorly focuses on socialising and communication skills.

This game has different dishes on each card and hence your child will acquire a lot of knowledge about the dishes. The clue cards should be used in a strict sense.

This game is played in teams as well. Players can never get bored of this game as the players are full of curiosity throughout the game.

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5. Skillmatics (Buildables)

These 3D spy glasses is a very interesting set of the toy. It is a STEM building toy that is designed exclusively for your little ones.

Your toddler will learn how to apply varied skills in a given time period and hence he will know how to solve the problem in a timely manner.

He will be required to exercise creative and analytical skills. His thinking capacity will increase. He will learn concepts relating to light and colour filters.

Your child will be able to explore the world of secret code and 3D images and learn through lots of exciting challenges in the learn and explore manual.

It consists of real wooden building sheets and is a very interesting game that will keep young minds engaged in a healthy fun-learning kit.

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Children need to learn and think out of the box. The curiosity throughout the game cannot make them bored. Certain games which are not skill-based or do not include learning of any concepts can get boring after a certain time. Choosing a good game is very important for your child. It has to be fun but it has to include learning as well. This will have a positive impact on the overall growth and development of your child.

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