Sahil Gupta

Sahil is the CEO at Sawan Books. He pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Bussiness from the University of Chicago, USA and currently working on his ultimate goal - ‘To see a book in every child’s hand.’ .

The Tailor

A tailor stitches clothes.He first takes the measurement of a person’s body.He notes down the measurement.He marks the cloth according to the measurement and cuts it.He uses his scissors to cut cloth.His scissors are very sharp.They are made of steel or iron.He uses a machine to stitch the pieces together.It is called a sewing machine.A …

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The Elephant

An elephant is a very big animal.It is the largest land animal.Elephants are found in Asia and Africa.The African elephants are bigger than the Asian ones.The African elephants cannot be tamed.They live in African jungles.The Asian elephants can be tamed.Some are kept in temples and zoos.Elephants are also used to carry load.Elephants are sometimes used …

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The Hospital

A hospital is a place where sick and injured people are given treatment.Doctors and nurses look after patients.The sick and the injured are called patients.A hospital has a number of beds.Patients are laid on beds.Men, women and children are kept in seperate rooms, called wards.A hospital has different departments.Each department looks after one type of …

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A train is a means of transport.It is a set of railway carriages or compartments.The compartments are pulled by an engine.A train moves on rails.Trains run on diesel or by electricity.A train carries goods and people from one place to another. We go to the railway station to catch a train.The train comes at the …

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Electricity is a wonderful discovery of science.It is very useful.We cannot live without electricity.It lights our houses and streets.It runs our fans, air conditioners and television-sets.Refrigerators, mixers, heaters, geysers, coolers, etc. also run on it.It also runs factories and mills.It runs trains in our cities and towns.But we should be very careful about it.It is …

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The Picnic

Yesterday, we went for a picnic.We were four friends.We went to the canal early in the morning.We spread a mat under a shady tree and had breakfast. We played chess for some time.Soon it became hot.We took off our clothes and dived into the water.We swam for about half an hour.We played waterball.The cool water …

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My City

I live in Delhi. It is very big city. Its population is more than ten million. It is the capital city of India. It is an ancient city. It is comprised of Old Delhi and New Delhi. It has many places worth visiting.The most famous are the Parliament House, the Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Secretariat, the …

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The Computer

The computer is one of the greatest inventions of science. Computers help us to do our work faster.Now, we see computers almost everywhere- in homes, offices, shops, banks and post offices.A computer has two main parts. They are hardware and software. Hardware consists of the parts of the computer which we can touch.Software are the …

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India is a land of villages.The people in the villages work in fields.They grow crops, fruits and vegetables.We grow many crops in our country.Wheat and rice are the main crops.They are grown in many states.Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh are the main states which produce rice and wheat. Rice and jute are grown …

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There are many types of factories in Delhi.Some factories manufacture steel. In some factories, cement is made. Some factories make cloth.Hundreds of workers work in factories.Factories need raw materials.Raw material is something that is found in Nature.Cotton, wool, minerals, rubber, wood, etc. are raw materials. Factories use raw materials to produce finished goods.Cloth, woollen and …

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The Yamuna

River Yamuna flows down from the Himalayas.The Himalayas are a chain of high mountains.When the snow of the Himalayas melts, the water flows as rivers and streams. The Yamuna is one such river. New Delhi is situated on the banks of the Yamuna.Many major cities, like Agra and Allahabad, are built on the banks of …

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A bus is a large vehicle. It runs on the road.It is a means of road transport.It stops at a bus-stand. People get into the bus at a bus-stand. The people pay money for the ride.I go to school in the school bus.It has fifty seats. It has large windows.The driver sits in the cabin.The …

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One lovely morning, Mohan Kumar and his wife Radha were blessed with a baby-boy in a small town known as Malda.The nurse came and congratulated the couple.She greeted them with a grim voice because the infant was born with a dark complexion and ugly looks.But Radha was on top of the world. She happily took …

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