Balancing A Broom

If you balanced a broom horizontally on your finger, in such a way that your finger was exactly on the centre of gravity of the broom, and marked that spot and cut the broom in two, then you would have a long and a short piece. The long would be being most of the handle and the short piece would be the bristle end and a small part of the handle. Now what will happen if you weigh both pieces? (pick all that apply)
A) The short piece will weigh more.
B) The long piece will weigh more.
C) Both will weigh the same.
D) Your mom will find out and hit you with both pieces!

A) The short piece will weigh more!
This is due to the torque needed to hold the long piece up. It is the same reason a heavy kid has to sit closer in on a see-saw when he is on it with a less heavy friend.
Oh yes, D) may also be correct depending on your mother’s temperament.

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