Bamboo Pole

Doctor Dodge was staying with Cousin Jamie in Jamie’s lakeside cabin. They were setting up Jamie’s will. As Dodge was Jamie’s closest living relative, much of Jamie’s estate was being left to him.
One day, Jamie went to Dr Dodge very disturbed. “Doctor,” he began, “I have just found out that a man named Georgio wants to get me. He will be here very soon. Where will I go? Where can I hide? If he finds me in here, he will surely kill me. I do not have time to leave this clearing and go farther into the woods.”

Dr Dodge thought for a moment, and then grabbed a 5′-long bamboo pole, with a diameter the size of a quarter. “Jamie, follow me out to the lake. This lake is 4′ deep. If you lie on the bottom of the lake and breathe through this pole, Georgio will never find you. I will be in the bulrushes with a shotgun, and I will shoot him when he comes. I will swim down to find you when he is gone.”
Jamie consented, and lay down on the bottom of the lake with the bamboo pole in his mouth. A few hours later, a ranger passed by. He found Jamie’s body, dead. Dr Dodge told the police about the whole situation and further added that Jamie had probably panicked, and died.
The police arrested Dr Dodge, on the charges of murdering Jamie. Why?
The bamboo pole did not have any cracks or holes. Its opening was above water the whole time.

Jamie died of carbon dioxide poisoning. The pole was 5′ long, but only the size of a quarter.
The first time he breathed in, he breathed oxygen. When he exhaled, the air could not travel 5′ before he breathed in again. He was just breathing what he exhaled. Before long, all he was breathing was carbon dioxide. He died of Co2 poisoning.
Doctor Dodge was the one who told him to use the pole; therefore, he was the cause of his death. Dodge is a DOCTOR, and therefore knows about Co2. Dodge did murder Jamie. His motive: the money in the will.

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