Blending with Nature (Biology Experiments)

The colour of animals protects them from their prey. Lets find out more on this topic.
Things Required:
Coloured pipe cleaners (red, green, brown, black, white, orange, yellow, and any other colours you choose)
4 wooden stakes
Use the stakes and string to mark off a plot of grass about 20-foot (6 m) square. Cut 20 one-half inch (13 mm) pieces of each colour of pipe cleaner. Ask a partner to sow the pieces as evenly as possible in the marked-off plot of grass. Pick up as many of the pieces as you can find in 5 minutes.
This Is What Happens:
Some colours are easily found and others more difficult. All of the pieces were not found.
Science Behind It:
If the grass is the same shade of green as the coloured pieces, then it is difficult to distinguish between the two. Colours that look alike were harder to find. Some of the darker coloured pieces blend in with the shadows of the grass. It is the same colour blending that protects animals from their prey. A white bunny is hard to see while sitting on a field of snow, and green snakes blend in very well on a lawn of green grass.

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