151 Buddhist Stories

151 Buddhist StoriesThis Buddhist stories for kids collection include stories of Buddha and his adventures throughout the world. Read these with your kids.

The Monk

A young man travelled for months, trying to find the Buddha. One night, he stopped at a small hut where he met a monk. The monk gave him food and water. They had talked for a while, before the man fell asleep. The next morning, the man thanked the monk, and left. A little later, …

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The Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty was a humble and devout Buddhist. He was a national hero because he was a very good minister and military leader. He often visited a Zen master to study under him. The Prime Minister was not proud of being a great and famous leader and deeply respected his …

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The Cliff

One day, the Buddha’s disciples asked him, “How can we be happy when there are so many problems in life?” The Buddha replied through a story. “A man was walking through a mountainous forest. Suddenly, a ferocious tiger leapt at him from behind a tree. The man ran as fast as he could, until he …

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Burning Books

Once, there was a well-known philosopher and scholar. He spent many years reading different books, visiting learned people, and discussing life. One day, a group of monks was passing by his house. They were very surprised to see the scholar burning his books. They rushed over and said, “You are such a great scholar. Why …

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The Bell

Shen was a young monk, who wanted to learn everything at once. One day, he complained to his friend that the Master was not teaching everyone the same way. The Master was passing by and heard him. He asked, “Shen, what is it that you want to know?” Shen replied, “Master, I feel that you …

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Ahimsaka was a good student, and the other students were jealous of him. They started telling false tales to the teacher about him. The teacher believed them, and told Ahimsaka, “You must bring me a thousand people’s fingers as payment for your lessons.” Ahimsaka was upset, but did as his teacher asked. He cut off …

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The Buddha once told his disciples about a former life, when he and another man were sent to Hell. A cruel guard was in charge of them. He had a sharply pointed trident in his hand, and would jab the two men with it, to make them work even harder. One day, the guard treated …

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