151 Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories For KidsSawan presents 151 Ghost Stories For Kids. The compiles the famous ghost stories of all time throughout the world. Read them now enjoy the thrill😱👻📚.

An Omen

Marcus moved about his bedroom restlessly. It was a hot and muggy summer night. He felt stifled and breathless. ‘I should go for a walk. Maybe I will be able to sleep better,’ he thought. So, he went out of the house and took a short walk. After 30 minutes he returned and sat on …

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A New House

Valerie was very excited. Finally, she would have a room to herself. ‘What a bother it is! To always share with my younger brother!’ she thought. Her father had just been transferred to a new city and the family had chosen a roomy and pretty house to move into. Valerie’s mother was especially happy that …

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In the Woods

Tina was staying at her grandparents’ place for summer. It was a beautiful town. Her cousins Harry, Darryl and Henry also accompanied her. One fine evening, the four cousins set out to explore the woods. Soon, they came to a little clearing, where they saw an old barn. Thrilled, the children started exploring the woods …

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