151 Jataka Tales

Jataka Tales For Kids

Jataka tales for kids help instill virtues like self-sacrifice, honesty, morality and other didactic values. They are a great source of imagination in kids.✨💡📚

Being Good

A king’s chief priest was respected by everyone. The priest thought, “Am I respected because of my birth or my knowledge or my goodness?” He decided to find out. He went to the royal coin maker and picked up a coin. The coin maker did not say anything. The priest repeated this thrice. The third …

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True Love

Once, the god of birds fell in love with a queen. He disguised himself as a handsome young man and started playing dice with the queen’s husband. One day, the young man decided to marry the queen. So, using his powers, he carried her away to his kingdom. The king was very distressed when he …

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There were two brothers. Their parents wanted them to settle down but they refused. They wanted to become ascetics. When their parents heard this, they suggested that they would all become ascetics. Once decided, they renounced the world and started living in the mountains. One day, the elder brother told the younger brother to bring …

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