151 Magical Tales

Magical Tales For Kids

Fill your children’s mind and help them imagine better with magical and fantasy tales with this Sawan’s 151 magical tales for kids collection.📚💫✨

The Fire-Dragon

The fire-dragon spit fire everywhere he went. He burnt everything. Everyone except Donna was scared of him. “Don’t go searching for him, you fool!” scolded her mother often. However, Donna was curious to know something, “Why can’t he play with anyone?” Searching for the fire‑dragon, Donna reached the top of the mountain. She saw him …

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The Lonely Elf

Barona, the little elf, was lonely. Nobody played with him. He didn’t know the reason. Barona called out to fairies, angels, unicorns and even the ugly goblins to play with him but they said, “Not now. Later.” “Please be my friend.” “Do you want to see my toys?” he said, but none listened. They were …

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The Kind Pixie

Rosy and Garth whiled away their time, painting and playing football on their lawn in summer. “Rosy, let’s play football,” said Garth. Both started playing. Rosy ran after the ball which rolled into the bush. “Hey Garth, see this,” said Rosy. Rosy was holding out a broken wing. Suddenly, there was a moan from the …

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