151 Tales From Africa

African Tales For Kids

In this collection, we’ve put together some of kids’ favorite African and African folk tales that are perfect to share with children. Read Sawan’s 151 African Tales For Kids now and enjoy the bedtime.📚💫✨🌃

The Gift

Long ago, there was a great warrior who did not come back home from the hunt. All the members of his family except his youngest son thought that he was dead. The youngest one would daily ask his elder brothers, “Where is my father?” Finally, the elder brothers who were also magicians went in search …

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The Loss

Setelane in a drunken state said to his wife, “You are nothing but the daughter of an ostrich-egg!” He drank his beer and fell unconscious on his bed. When he had slept, it was not yet morning. All of a sudden, he felt that his bed was hard and cold. He moved his hands here …

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