151 Vikram Baital Tales

151 Vikram Baital Tales

Read Sawan’s captivating collection of 151 Vikram Baital Tales For Kids. Vikaram-Baital stories have been told since many years ago about King Vikramaditya and a ghost Baital. Enjoy these super cool stopries with your little ones!đź“š

The Hermit

The hermit, seeing Baital lying at his feet, became ecstatic. He said, “King Vikramaditya, you have done a splendid work. I bless you with a long rule.” Then the hermit chopped Baital’s body into pieces. He threw the pieces into the sacrificial fire. After that, he turned to King Vikramaditya and said, “Vikram, now you …

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King Vikramaditya as usual walked with Baital on his shoulder when Baital started telling a story—“Once upon a time, there lived a rich merchant named Hemdeva in the city of Surya Nagar. He had a lovely daughter named Vidyawati. When she was of a marriageable age, Hemdeva began searching for a suitable groom for her. …

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Here Baital stopped and asked, “Now tell me, Vikram, whom Roopmati should choose as her husband. Was it not a crime if she chose a wrong body and head? Tell me. Speak or I shall break your head into pieces.” King Vikramaditya replied, “Roopmati should accept the head of Gandharvasen as her husband.” But Baital …

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