221 Amazing Bugs and Insects Encyclopedia

221 Amazing Bugs and Insects Encyclopedia221 Amazing Bugs and Insects Encyclopedia compiles all the info about Bugs and Insects. Read their life routine, what they eat and how they live and more!😊📖


Yellow Striped Armyworm

Common name : Yellow striped armyworm Scientific name : Spodoptera ornithogalli Family : Noctuidae Native to : The American sub-continent Interesting fact : The 2 stripes running the length of the larva’s body give it the name ‘yellow striped armyworm’. The moth has a wingspan of 32-44 mm, and has a dark brownish forewing and almost pale …

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Yellow Jacket

Common name : Eastern yellow jacket Scientific name : Vespula maculifrons Family : Vespidae Native to : North America Interesting fact : The Eastern yellow jacket receives its scientific                         name from the Latin words ‘macula’ (meaning spot) and ‘frons’ (meaning forehead). Smaller than other wasps in size, the Eastern yellow jacket ranges in size from …

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Yellow Admiral Caterpillar

Common name : Yellow admiral caterpillar Scientific name : Vanessa itea Family : Nymphalidae Native to : New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Islands and Howe Islands Interesting fact : This butterfly has a local Maori name ‘kahukowhai’ which means ‘yellow cloak’. A medium-sized butterfly, the yellow admiral’s size varies from region to region, but essentially is between 48-55 …

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Two-spined Spider

Common name : Two-spined spider Scientific name : Poecilopachys australasiae Family : Araneidae Native to : Australia and New Zealand Interesting fact : Due to the 2 white horn/spine-like protrusions on the female spider, this orb-weaving spider has been popularly named ‘two-horned spider’. While the males are small (3 mm in length), the females are larger (8 …

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