221 Amazing Marine Animals Encyclopedia

221 Amazing Marine Animals Encyclopedia221 Amazing Marine Animals Encyclopedia compiles all the info about Marine Animals. Read their life routine, what they eat and how they live and more!





Common name : Swordfish, Broadbill Scientific name : Xiphias gladius Family : Xiphiidae Native to : Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans Interesting fact : They are ectothermic animalswith special organs next to their eyes to heat theireyes and brain, improving their vision. Conservation status : Least Concern Xiphias are migratory fish with elongated, round bodies, …

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Vampire Squid

Scientific name : Vampyroteuthis infernalis Family : Vampyroteuthidae Native to : Temperate and tropical oceans worldwide Interesting fact : It is entirely covered in photophores,producing disorienting flashes of light lasting several minutes. Conservation status : Not Evaluated The vampire squid has a gelatinous, velvety jet-black bodyand large eyes that are red or blue. Its eight …

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