221 World’s Strange & Unsolved Mysteries

221 World's Strange & Unsolved MysteriesHave you heard about these unsolved mysteries in the news? We’ve got some hot and chilled 221 World’s Strange & Unsolved Mysteries. Read with your kids and have a great time!🚀📚

Volcanic Lightning

Ominous lightning flashes above erupting volcanoes which light up the sky are called Volcanic Lightning. Colliding ice crystals, near the stratosphere, high above the Earth’s surface generate enough of an electric charge to trigger normal lightning. But Volcanic Lightning is static electricity from particles rubbing together in dense ash clouds near the ground. Scientists recorded …

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The Mona Lisa

This world’s most-famous painting was painted sometime between 1503 and 1519, by the Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer Leonardo da Vinci. The sitter’s mysterious smile and her unproven identity have made the painting a source of ongoing investigation and fascination. Much speculation and debate regarding the identity of the portrait’s sitter led to …

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