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For a healthy living it is essential that your body parts, joints and muscles bend and move easily, effortlessly. Technically this attribute of body is called flexibility. Even though our body is innately flexible right since birth, it tends to diminish with passage of time.That happens chiefly on account of our cosy and leisurely lifestyle. …

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As the day of wedding ceremony draws closer, the fiancees get frantic to look more and more beautiful. They are overeager to shape up and give their best presentation. And why not, after all it is a cardinal turning point of their life. And they would leave no stone unturned to make it memorable.Adopt yoga, …

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In the initial stages of fitness programme, aerobics play a major role. This fitness module is for those who haven’t exercised regularly in past. Hence before starting out on it, they must consult their physician. And they must begin gradually, in a phased manner.To begin with aerobics should be done for 20-30 minutes duration three …

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Do you believe that an exercise schedule of half an hour or so is mandatory to keep you fighting fit? If yes, think again. For, Professor Glen A Gyger, the fitness expert of University of Virginia, thinks otherwise.Gyger and his colleagues believe even a 10 minute stretch of exercise can be beneficial and enriching. Even …

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Secret of health—A balanced diet

We generally confuse good health with absence of sickness, whereas in fact absence of disease is not a statement of good health. Ironically, progress in medical science notwithstanding, diseases afflicting mankind are steadily on a rise. What with cancer, heart diseases, respiratory distress and diabetes having become chronic and dibilitating ailments. Even psychiatric and mental …

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Life Style diseases and syndromes

Thanks to present day rat race and cut throat competition, psychlogical disorders have part of our daily living. Distrust, uncertainty and petty worries are here to stay courtsey the competitive streak that runs through entire gamut of home, neighbour, office, business and personal relationships.So complicated has become the modern day living that struggle to survive …

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Our Health

Thanks to errors of eating and drinking, and perennial anxiety that dogs present day life; even the elementary life need like ‘sleep’ are hardly met. Insomniacs pass difficult night lying on bed awake. If by any chance they do catch a nap, the slightest of noise usurps it. And then once again there are desperate …

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