How To Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking

How To Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public SpeakingDale Carnegie’s How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking is an evergreen work. The main takeaway from this book is that improving public speaking and improving self-confidence are a function of preparation, education, determination and practice.📖🙌

Improving Your Diction

Chapter 12 An Englishman, without employment and without financial reserves, was walking the streets of Philadelphia seeking a position. He entered the office of Mr. Paul Gibbons, a well-known business man of that city, and asked for an interview. Mr. Gibbons looked at the stranger distrustfully. His appearance was emphatically against him. His clothes were …

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How to Open a Talk

Chapter 8 I once asked Dr. Lynn Harold Hough, formerly president of Northwestern University, what was the most important fact that his long experience as a speaker had taught him. After pondering for a minute, he replied, “To get an arresting opening, something that will seize the attention immediately.” He planned in advance almost the …

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Platform Presence and Personality

Chapter 7 The Carnegie Institute of Technology at one time gave intelligence tests to one hundred prominent business men. The tests were similar to those used in the army during the war; and the results led the Institute to declare that personality contributes more to business success than docs superior intelligence.That is a very significant …

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The Secret of Good Delivery

Chapter 6 Shortly after the close of the First World War, I met two brothers in London, Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith. They had just made the first aeroplane flight from London to Australia, had won the fifty thousand dollar prize offered by the Australian government, had created a sensation throughout the British Empire, …

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Essential Elements in Successful Speaking

Chapter 5 The day these lines are written, January 5th, is the anniversary of the death of Sir Ernest Shackleton. He died while steaming southward on the good ship “Quest” to explore the Antarctic. The first thing that attracted one’s eyes on going aboard the “Quest” were these lines engraved on a brass plate:If you …

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The Improvement of Memory

Chapter 4 “The average man,” said the noted psychologist, Professor Carl Seashore, “does not use above ten percent of his actual inherited capacity for memory. He wastes the ninety percent by violating the natural laws of remembering.”Are you one of these average persons? If so, you are struggling under a handicap both socially and commercially; …

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How Famous Speakers Prepared Their Addresses

Chapter 3 I was present once at a luncheon of the New York Rotary Club when the principal speaker was a prominent government official. The high position that he occupied gave him prestige, and we were looking forward with pleasure to hearing him. He had promised to tell us about the activities of his own …

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Self-Confidence Through Preparation

Chapter 2 It has been the author’s professional duty as well as his pleasure to listen to and criticize approximately six thousand speeches a year each season since 1912. These were made, not by college students, but by mature business and professional men. If that experience has engraved on his mind any one thing more …

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Developing Courage and Self-Confidence

Chapter 1 More than five hundred thousand men and women, since 1912, have been members of public speaking courses using my methods. Many of them have written statements telling why they enrolled for this training and what they hoped to obtain from it. Naturally, the phraseology varied; but the central desire in these letters, the …

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