Kalpna Chawla

Leap into space

NASA was shortlisting trained, talented and worthy ones to make a team that would undertake an ambitious space research. Kalpana Chawla was also an aspirant. NASA had received 2962 applications of eligible candidates for the mission. Out of 2962 only six would finally make the team.Project was to send the final chosen team into space …

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NASA Connection

In 1988, Kalpana completed her thesis and duly earned Doctorate for research in Computational Fluid Dynamics for Colarado University.That was the time when there was a great demand for Aero-engineers and Space researchers. The big companies and institutions were snapping up talented people in the above fields. Brilliant ones like Kalpana Chawla were the prize …

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Whenever in open the little Monto could not help gazing into the sky hoping to spot a bird or an aerial craft in flight which was her delight. At the age of seven, the father realised that it was time his Monto was admitted to school in proper fashion. The choice fell on English medium …

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Kalpana Chawla

India has an enviable record of producing great characters who originated from very humble backgrounds of village or small town set ups to rise up to lofty heights of achievements in the fields of astronomy, mathematics, science, philosophy, philanthropy, new thoughts, principles, religion and spiritualism.Kalpana Chawla was different in the sense that boosted by burning …

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