Little Women

Little WomenLittle Women tells the story of how two sisters grows up and find their love and place into the world. The novel is based on the saying “Be worthy love, and love will come”.🌍💓


Chapter 6 “Girls, where are you going?” asked Amy, coming into their room one Saturday afternoon, and finding them getting ready to go out, with an air of secrecy which excited her curiosity.“Never mind; little girls shouldn’t ask questions,” returned Jo sharply.“I know! I know! You’re going to the theatre to see the Seven Castles!” …



Chapter 4 “I wish it was Christmas or New Year all the time; wouldn’t it be fun?” answered Jo, yawning dismally.“We shouldn’t enjoy ourselves half so much as we do now. But it does seem so nice to have little suppers and bouquets, and go to parties. It’s like other people, you know, and I …

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The Laurence Boy

Chapter 3 “We have a note of invitation from Mrs. Gardiner for tomorrow night!” cried Meg, waving the precious paper, and then proceeding to read it with delight.Mother is willing we should go; now what shall we wear?”“What’s the use of asking, when you know we shall wear our poplins, because we haven’t got anything …

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