Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Title of Raja

There were various superstitions, which were proving to be hindrance in the progress of a person. Rammohan had completely discarded such customs. At that time Oceans were considered Brahmins according to the religious books. So many people started worshipping the oceans, but when somebody went overseas, he was considered a sinner. One hundred and fifty …

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First step towards the construction of modern India

To build modern India, Rammohan had acquired the knowledge of English language. He wrote many books in English language. Those who read his books, appreciated his writing skills. After reading his books, Benthem wrote—‘‘If your book would not have a Hindu name of the author, I would certainly have thought of it being written by …

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Rammohan got his primary education at home. After that he was admitted to a village school. After his superb innings at school, he made up his mind to go to Patna. In Patna he wanted to get higher education in Arabic and Persian languages, because these languages were mostly used in the royal court. In …

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