Three Men in a Boat

Three Men in a BoatThree Men in a Boat starts with three friends named Jerome, George, and Harris smoking together in their apartment in London. They will camp notwithstanding more of J.’s anecdotes about previous mishaps with tents and camping stoves.🏕

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Chapter 10 We spent two very pleasant days at Oxford. There are plenty of dogs in the town of Oxford. Montmorency had eleven fights on the first day, and fourteen on the second, and evidently thought he had got to heaven.Among folk too constitutionally weak, or too constitutionally lazy, whichever it may be, to relish …

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On Their Way

Chapter 3 It was Mrs. Poppets that woke me up next morning.She said:“Do you know that it’s nearly nine o’clock, sir?”“Nine o’ what?” I cried, starting up.“Nine o’clock,” she replied, through the keyhole. “I thought you was a-oversleeping yourselves.”I woke Harris, and told him. He said:   ”I thought you wanted to get up at six?”“So I …

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