Tricky Brain Teasers for kids

Theatre Drama

Four men sliced open an actor in a theatre, yet none was arrested nor was anyone surprised at the action. In fact, they expected it. Why? AnswerThe four men were surgeons operating on an actor. The ‘theatre’ was, of course, the operating theatre. Naturally, because they were doing their job, none was arrested!

Horses in Stables

There are ten horses, but only 9 stables. How do you fit all the horses inside?-You can’t put 2 horses in the same stable.-You can’t make another stable.-You can’t split a stable in half. AnswerThese are the stables.[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]This is the answer.[t][e][n][h][o][r][s][e][s]

Leaping Lizards!

Five lizards are sitting on a log. One decides to jump to the ground, two decide to jump to a nearby leaf, and two decide to stay.How many lizards are now on the log? AnswerFive. There’s a difference between deciding and doing. I said they decided to jump, not that they actually did.

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