Formation of the Vedanta college

Seeing Rammohan’s efforts of making the people aware, missionaries desired of limiting Rammohan from doing so. To punish him, the missionaries closed the doors of the ‘Mission Press’ for him forever. Before this, they had also criticised his books in one way or the other. When he was writing articles about the evils of the Hindu society he was being provided the facilities of publication of his articles. But when he started writing about the evils of the Christians society, the missionaries closed the doors of the Mission Press for him. After a few days, he himself decided to set up a press.

If he had not got the support of the Mission Press, he would not have been able to spread his views at far off places in very less time. Some days later, the missionaries softened their views about him but now Rammohan was not ready to bow before them. He was firm in his decision.
He wanted to establish his own press. In 1823 he established a new press named ‘Unitarian Press’. In the initial period he published his own book. Now he was self dependent for publishing of books.
When the missionaries came to know that he had opened up his own press, they became furious. They were already angry with his articles against them. This had added further to their anger. Nobody could lie his revolutionary truths as explained in his articles.
Some awakened Christians were with him and also supported him. Impressed by Rammohan, one young Christian barrister transformed his religion. This was a firm base transformation, which reflected the rationale of Rammohan’s views. The Christian missionaries wanted to join Rammohan in large numbers. Knowing this, the other missionaries ousted those Christians from their missions. One Christian named Adam adopted this principle.
Rammohan had a deeper knowledge of Bible than the Christians. This was the reason that missionaries were jealous with him, but they were afraid of debating with him. To hide their fear, they blamed Rammohan of being against God.
The missionaries, by repeatedly criticising Rammohan, turned insane and considered the Hindu religion as untrue. Apart from this, they blamed the Hindu religion in various ways, the explanation of which would be against the norms. But Rammohan counter answered their blames. He had written in the Preface of his book ‘‘Final Appeal’ as follows—
‘‘We should be careful with those people who are blaming us in many ways. Their blames would suppress the truth, but we have to bring forth the truth at any cost.’’
Missionaries were unaffected by this as their fury was on a very high level. One of the aggressive Christians crossed his limits when he mentioned in his book that Vedas contain the explanation about atheism. Reading this Rammohan became very furious.
Rammohan was against the Hindu superstitions, but he supported the teachings of the Vedas. He answered the comments of that Christian about the Vedas in the magazine named ‘Brahmanicle’ as follows—
‘‘The books published in the Mission Press contained the teachings of Vedas. Those books were distributed by the missionaries themselves. Today those people only are criticising the teachings of Vedas as atheism. I am very much surprised by this. They have hurt me to the core of my heart. I am very much surprised by the views of that person who has criticised the Vedas in such a way.’’
Rammohan had answered the missionaries through that magazine as follows—
‘‘The Christians should first of all adopt those teachings themselves before imparting those to others. According to the explanation given in Munusmriti, Veda is the only sacred book which represents the true feelings of the Hindus. Though the missionaries did not give any importance to the Vedas but I respect them a lot.’’
Rammohan severely criticised the baseless rituals and customs, which were superstitious. He was such a courageous social reformist, who was not afraid of raising his voice against the social evils. Rammohan was against all those organisations which were giving rise to many social evils. He wanted to enlighten these types of originations but uptil now he was not completely successful in his mission.
The way he criticised idol worship in the Hindu religion, he also criticised the bigoted Muslims. The people of the missionary used to bribe the people of other religions and considered their religion as of low standards. By doing so they wanted to involve them in their own religion. These kinds of problems aggravated day by day. But Rammohan was standing firmly against all such odds. The cause of such problems was religion. It was the base of all the evils spread in the society.
Rammohan was of the view that if a Muslim considered himself superior to a Hindu or if a Christian considered himself superior to a Muslim then it was all because the base of this was religion only. One considered that only uniqueness of God can only make all big religions one, because all the main religions believe in God. If we want to join one men with another, then it is very necessary to consider one God in all religions.
Those days, the condition of Hindu religion was much more worse as compared to the Christian and Muslim. On seeing the Hindus it would be made out that each and every person worships different gods and goddesses. They considered the strengths and power of each God as different from each other. The one who worshipped Lord Krishna did no worship Lord Shiva. This way 33 crore population of Hindu society was captured in the nets of religion. It was necessary to introduce them with the principle of uniqueness.
To accomplish this objective, Rammohan established the Vedanta College in 1825. Through this college he wanted to spread the principle of uniqueness. When Adam got the news of the establishment of the college he wrote a letter to his friend in praise of Rammohan as follows—‘‘Recently, a Vedanta College has been established. A Sanskrit scholar has been appointed here who is teaching the youngsters about Hindu uniqueness. Rammohan also wants to spread the knowledge of European science and Christian uniqueness in this college. It would be better if this knowledge is provided in Bengali and Sanskrit languages.’’
Rammohan worked very hard for this organisation. Due to his efforts this organisation reached greater heights. Later, this organisation proved to the base of the establishment of Brahmo Samaj. The aim of the establishment of Brahmo Samaj was to let the people know that God is one.
By its establishment people began to take lesser interest in other organisations. They got attracted towards Brahmo Samaj. Learned people were also among those who joined it. There only one topic was discussed the most and that was —‘God is one.’
In this organisation, Vedas as well as Upanishads were being read.
Impressed by the principles of the Brahmo Samaj many people were becoming its members. After two years, in 1828, Rammohan purchased a house. In this house people started performing pujas etc. Rammohan dedicated that house for various religious activities. This news jolted his opponents.
Few days later, the bigoted Hindus also established an organisation named ‘Dharm- sabha’. the main aim of this organisation was to criticise Rammohan.
They wanted to criticise him to the fullest. In the Dharmsabha, instead of performing religious activities, the main aim of its members seemed to be blaming others. Their target was only Rammohan.
Rammohan used to get depressed when he saw them because they were proving fatal to religion under the disguise of followers of religion. They always played one or the other tricks to distract Rammohan from his mission but they were never successful in doing so. Nobody was able to distract him from his mission.
Many countries of the world supported Rammohan’s views, where as Indian criticised him. Today, if his works are being researched in an unbiased manner then the conclusion would be that Rammohan was considerate about the people all around the globe. So he is on his mission to enlighten the world.
He had invented many big fundamental principles. Through these principles, he wanted to convince the people that God is one. Don’t try to part with him. Worship that one God only. Don’t put yourself in a state of confusion by involving yourself in different kinds of worships.

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