Freedom is our basic right

Rammohan believed that ‘freedom is every body’s basic right. The person would only be satisfied who is free. If some one tries to snatch away some one freedom, then he commits a severe crime. This would be a daring crime in the eyes of the Creator who has sent that person on earth. The followers of Rammohan knew the truth very well that if they live, they would live independently, otherwise not. Rammohan always wanted to live freely. According to him a person would develop fully if and only if he lives freely.
The person who was living under the clutches of either religion or political, had a very bad effect on his life. When he is debarred from his fundamental rights he loses his strength and abilities. He lives as if he is a burden over his society.
Rammohan used to say that society is made of people and society create a country. In this situation, if a person attacks on other’s rights, then he is attacking his own country.
Independence of the country was destroyed because of the establishment of the British rule. At that time Rammohan was a kid. He loved his country as a person loves himself. After deep research, he felt that Britishers would help India develop through modern techniques. So he tried to read their mindset in favour of India. He studied the political situations of Europe as well as America. Through this he concluded that modern culture would be set up in India through the British rule. He could lead India to the path of modernisation. He thought that some day in India a modern democracy would be able to set up. Then India would hold its position among other countries of the world.
He wanted that modernisation be set up in India through the help of the Britishers. But he was never in favour of their long term rule in India.
Bipin Chandra Pal has written about Rammohn as follows—
‘‘Rammohan was the first person to deliver the speech of political independence to the Indians. He gave new direction to the political development of the Indian society. By initiating the social reformist movement, he proved his confidence in himself. Nobody could forget his efforts of modernisation of the Indian society. He said that Indians were filled with feelings of confidence and consciousness. If they get themselves rid of the superstitions of the religions, they would help India gain new heights of modernisation. Apart from this, they would provide strength to their own country as other countries.
People of India can perform activities as well as the people of developed countries. Rammohan was confident in this. He was of the belief that if Indians are once shown the path of progress then afterwards they would themselves achieve their goal.
He never accepted the criticisms of the Indians. He bravely faced the criticisms of others. Once a criticiser said that India is the debtor of England because it has acquired knowledge from England. Rammohan slapped his remark as follows—‘‘We are grateful to the Britishers for providing us the technical knowledge. But one should say that we are their debtors, before saying this one should know that India is superior to other countries in the fields of literature and philosophy.’’
He worshipped India as his mother. He wanted to establish such relations with all the brothers and sisters of India so that India would gain special status in the world. He could not digest the thing if any one talked against India.
He believed that one day India would enlighten the world with the spirit of knowledge. Then the whole world be inferior before India. Rammohan wholeheartedly made efforts to make India self independent.

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