Lift Off (Biology Experiments)

The intention of this experiment is to determine why the shape of a bird’s wing is important for flight.
Things Required:
1 sheet of notebook paper

Cut a one-inch (2½ cm) strip across the sheet of notebook paper. Hold one end of the paper against your chin, just below your bottom lip (see the diagram). Blow across the top of the paper.
Where was the air moving fastest, on top or below the paper? How did this affect the paper? How would the shape of a bird’s wing have to affect the speed of air moving across it?
This Is What Happens:
The air was flowing quickly above the paper strip. The paper lifted towards the stream of air as long as you continued to blow.
Science Behind It:
The faster the air moves, the less pressure it exerts on objects above and below it. The air below the paper is still pushing equally in all directions. Thus, the upward push on the paper is greater than the downward push by the moving air. Aeroplanes and the wings of birds are designed to force the air more quickly across the top of the wing which gives an upward push, called lift.

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