My dream—Modern India

Rammohan was very much sure that he would succeed in modernising India. This success was only a dream for him for now. To make this dream come true, he strongly accepted the criticisms.
History has it that all the social reformists had to face the criticisms of their opponents. Then also they did not lose hope. They moved to their way of success without any difficulty.
Socrates also had to face the tortures of people. His criticisers killed him by giving him poison, whereas his crime was only that he spoke differently from the views of the common people. His views were not understood by common people.
Such was the viewpoint of Mahavira also. His criticisers killed him by throwing stones at him. His crime was that he was enlightening the society with truth. Selfish people wanted to put off this light of truth. That is why they made an attempt on his life.
Rammohan was trying to awake the people, but they were happy by scalping only. They did not want to get their sleep disturbed. They were not aware of the fact that they had darkness all around. They considered them as their enemies who tried to awake them.
This condition was prevailing in the society since ancient times. So Rammohan was not surprised by this. After lot of criticism, he did not separate himself from his mission.
In connection with Christians
Rammohan had a thorough knowledge of the Bible. He wanted to know whether Christians followed that which was written in the Bible. Thinking this, he established contacts with them. By this he came to know about their viewpoints very closely. Rammohan talked to the missionaries of Rampur. There established cordial relations between them, which proved beneficial for both.
Rammohan used to attend the prayer meetings held by the Christians. He used to get impressed by the teachings of Jesus Christ delivered in those meetings. He wrote a book on these teachings titled ‘The Precepts of Jesus’.
At that time Christianity was more simple than the Hindu religion, but it had the same evils as in the Hindu and Muslim religions. When he saw the behaviour of the Christian missionaries, he expressed his views about them as follows—‘‘Torturing the people of Hindu religion and to press them to change their religion is not good. The steps taken by the Christians to make the Hindus adopt their religion are unlawful so they should avoid this.’’
Hindus and Christians, both got angry with him when he said this. Now Hindus were much more against him. His criticisers look him as an atheist and corrupt. Upon this he commented—‘‘I would not be an atheist or a corrupt by the words of criticisers.’’
When his criticisers openly talked in favour of religion in public, he would get very angry. When his book ‘Precepts of Jesus’ got published, he had to face severe criticism.
To pacify his criticisers, Rammohan expressed his views as follows—‘‘God is the one who has sent us on this earth, who has given us the strength to fight. God is one. He has made all the human beings part of happiness, sadness, hope, disappointment and death too. He considers everybody equal, be it a king or a beggar. He is kind to everyone. He has established each and every system of nature in a very systematic way. It has provided the earth with such vital strength by which the nature brings up the people as a mother. Nature returns to a person in the way he deserves. Those who are sinners, get back worse in return.’’

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