My name is Arhant. I am five years old. I have short, black hair and brown eyes. I look like my father. I live with my father and mother in a large flat. I go to a primary school. I go to school by bus. I get a lot of homework. My favourite meal is chips and ice-cream. My mother says this is not healthy, so she makes me eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I like to go cycling with my friends. We usually ride bicycles in the park. We never cycle on busy roads. In the evening, we play badminton. It is a good physical exercise. After playing badminton I return home and drink a glass of milk with Chocos. At night, I go to bed at 9o’ clock.

Large—big, A lot of—a large quantity, Homework–work to be done at home, Healthy–good for health, Busy–crowded

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