On his last journey

He had spent lot of money to get justice and also his lost respect. But nothing went in his favour. It is rightly said that bad times come together. Rammohan was also having bad period. He was suffering from financial crisis as well as weak health. Now his health was deteriorating.
His face had faded completely. It seemed as if his end was near.
His followers started looking after him but in vain. He was on his death bed now.
Time was ticking as usual. Black clouds covered the sky. Destiny was doing its job. On 27 September 1833 he left for the heavenly abode.
He died leaving some of his incomplete desires. He was satisfied with his efforts but he was sad that India was not still completely self dependent.
He had destroyed the superstitions from India in his life. He eliminated the social evils from the grassroot level.
Rammohan stood firmly against all social evils. He had showed a new light to the people of the modern society today.
He is called the ‘Father of Modern India’ because of his social reform movements. His efforts have been 200 years old but still India is in the clutches of severe social evils. Females are burnt for dowry. Society is lacking behind in literacy and suffering from poverty and unemployment. People are committing suicide due to unemployment. In such situations, Rammohan’s view still stand today as before. Rammohan did proud to India by translating Vedas in various languages in effort for the upliftment of Indian society need special mention. Though he is not alive today, but still his views and memories are inscribed in our hearts. Hats off to such a great person! He would live forever in our hearts as the Father of Modern India.

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