Spectacle story

Mother’s Manila Home, was situated in the Tondo slum area. The people there suffered mostly from T.B. The complete cure for the disease was difficult as it required nutritious diet which the poor could not afford. The Charity home could provide medicines only.
Later, it was arranged that the patients would be supplied one meal at Mother’s Home.
Then, it came to light that most of the patients were skilled people in trades like carpentry, masonry, mechanics and driving etc. The women know the handicrafts. Weakness was only reason for which they were not able to work. They needed help in physical recovery. A good diet was all they wanted.
One Mr. Cassilio was recovering fast due to medicines and diet. His eyesight was weak. He pleaded, “Sister, if I get specs I’ll be able to work.”
Sister Superior remarked, “Fifty percent patients here suffer from weak eyesight. They need specs or treatment. From where we can get specs? We are barely managing to provide medicines and one meal diet.”
The answer to the problem was provided by an Indian settler in Manila, Mrs. Manisha.
This Indian family had spectacles store in Manila. It arranged eye camps in the Homes where glasses were given free after tests. Then, it was observed that many person were coming again and again to get free glasses.
The interrogation of one such person revealed that many were making money by selling the free specs to others.
Sisters began to keep vigil to stop such attempts. The offenders being poor people, bringing in law was not favoured.
Gifts for mother
Ford Corporation presented His Holiness Pope Paul II its new prize car ‘Lincoln Ford’ when he went on a tour of USA in 1964. The Pope travelled through the country in that luxury car.
Pope Paul II visited India after USA. The luxury car was airlifted to India for his travel. He visited various places in that car.
While bidding good bye to India Pope presented that car to Mother Teresa for her Mission. Mother could never imagine herself sitting in that car fit for royal personage.
She auctioned the car and raised a tidy sum for her charity works.
As Mother Teresa became more and more famous costly rewards and presents by a number of bodies and institutions kept coming in. She would auction the costly items to raise cash funds. She even sold shields, trophies and mementos presented to her.

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