The Farmer and his Three Sons


A long time ago, there was a very hard-working farmer named Frank. He had three sons: Gerry, Tom and Brad. All three though strong were lazy. Frank was worried about his sons and the future of his farm. One day, he had an idea. He called his sons and said, “I have hidden a treasure in our farmland. Find it and share it among yourselves.” The three sons were overjoyed. They went to the field and started searching. They dug each and every inch of the field. But they could not find anything. Then, Frank cleverly said to his sons, “Sons! Now that you have dug the field, why not sow some seeds?” So, the sons sowed seeds in the land. Many days passed by, and then, the land was full of green plants. The sons were delighted. Frank said, “Sons, this is the real treasure I wanted you to share.”
Moral: Fruit of hard labour is always sweet.

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