The Sweet Box


Once, there was a boy named George. He was very fond of eating sweets. Not a moment went by when he was not seen eating sweets. One day, his aunt gave him a box of sweets. But his mother kept them at a safe place so he would not overeat. She gave him some sweets from time to time. But George always asked his mother, “Mother, give me some more sweets.” But his mother always replied, “Too many sweets are not good for you. If you eat too many at a time, you will get stomachache.” One day, his mother went to the market shopping. No one else was at home except George. So, he went to the place where the sweets were kept. He ate and ate till the box was empty. But the next day, he had a terrible stomachache. George repented not listening to his mother.
Moral: Obey elders.

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