The Two Friends


There were two good friends: a saint and a rich man. One day, the rich man invited the saint to his house. He made beautiful arrangements for him. The saint was very happy. But a man who was jealous of their friendship said to the saint, “See, your friend has intentionally made this arrangement to make you feel low. He wants to show you how much he has attained in life and you are nothing.” Hearing this, the saint was very angry. He shouted to the rich friend, “You have achieved only money, but I have got spiritual knowledge. I am a saint.” The rich friend was stunned. He replied very politely, “Though you have sacrificed all worldly things yet your ego is still intact. There is no difference between you and me. I have an ego for money and you have an ego for sainthood. You have lost all that you have achieved!”
Moral: One must not get carried by one’s ego.

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