5 Super Games For Kids To Help Them Stay Ahead In Their Academic Life📚🚀

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Your kid can learn a lot through games. Games are an integral part of your child’s life. They can stay ahead of others and can polish up their core skills. They can become more active and learn a lot while having fun at the same time.

Choosing a game that will make your child smarter is the work of a guardian or a parent.

You should always look at the skills which can be acquired while choosing a game for your child. They can play a very important role in making your child bright.

Some of the games which can be impactful are:-

1. Skillmatics Educational Game (Boredom Buster Senior)

It is a wonderful game for kids which will make your child learn a lot. It is a reusable activity mat that consists of a mat, pen and a duster. Your child will be able to write and wipe again at his convenience. It is very easy to understand this activity game.

It is a fun educational game, through which your child will be able to practice and get ahead of the class. It involves the application of skills that further helps in the growth and development of your child. Some of the skills and concepts which are required throughout the game are- Creative thinking and application, Processing the problems mentally, Solving the problems, Concentrating and observing, Your child will be able to think outside of the box which means he will have the knowledge over and above the academic knowledge. 

Moreover, your child will know how to analyse and implement the strategies. He will be able to execute the plans in an effective manner. It involves trial and error, drawing, doodling and decoding which makes your child smarter throughout the game. 

This game also makes your child learn about communication skills and how to interact with people. It is a skill-oriented and engaging game that will improve the core skills of your child.

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2. Kit4 Curious Super Kit

It is a multicoloured, fun and innovative kit that is very attractive for kids. Your kid will be able to learn a lot from this kit as it consists of 70+ different types of items in one single kit!

It has unique components which can be used in different ways. Your child will apply his skills and will be able to extend his level of thinking. He will be able to use his own science and creativity.

This will not only improve the creative and thinking capacity of your kids but it will also make your child think out of the box. He will be able to make his own innovations.

Children can also use these components in their science projects as assigned in the schools.

Little scientists will apply their skills and conduct experiments using these components. These components are reusable so they need not worry about using one component at one time in a single experiment. They can conduct a hundred experiments and make innovations of their own. Your child will have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that he is also competitive enough to conduct new experiments. 

It contains a number of projects like DIY Torch, Plane model, DIY Robot, Air, cooler, electric generator, coffee mixer etc. and also contains an instruction guide to support little minds. It has useful components and is a very smart kit to make your child smarter and make him ahead of the class.

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3. Einstein Box

It is a very interesting box made for your little ones. It is a game for both girls and boys.

These activities will help in the improvement of the core skills of your child and will keep your child ahead of others. It will make them smarter and more knowledgeable.

It contains beautiful designs which makes it a perfect gift for children. It has an attractive design and has a very smart packaging style. It will make your child gain more interest in scientific subjects and will develop logical skills and language amongst kids. 

It contains five amazing activities. These are:-

a) Science Experiment kit & Manual, instructions

b) Wipe-clean Spelling book

c) Spelling Puzzle activity

d) Children’s Atlas sticker book

e) People of the World Matching Game

The game will help your kids in developing brain capacity and their memory capacity throughout the game. It will teach your child about the world around them. It builds a love for science and geography. It will help your child discover a sense of curiosity.

It contains child-safe and non-toxic material.

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4. Skillmatics Educational Game (Dinosaurs And Fossils)

It is a game where your child will learn throughout the play. It is a perfect gift for children. This game is skill-oriented and is an engaging game for little ones.

Your child will learn about the thrilling Jurassic world and about the fossils and dinosaurs. Children will learn all about the Mesozoic era. 

Your child will be able to identify different types of fossils, places where dinosaurs live, different periods of the defined era  Your child will learn equations, word formation and addition as well.

It is a reusable activity and it is ideal for toddlers. They will learn the importance of making bonds with family and friends. It will polish up the core skills of your child and the little one won’t stay behind other children. He will definitely be ahead of the class!

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5. Funskool Deluxe Monopoly Edition

This is an all-time favourite, popular game and can never go out of fashion. Your toddler will learn how to purchase and sell the properties and this will help him in real life as well. He will be able to understand the real world. This can keep your child engaged for hours and hours. He will also learn about a number of places throughout the world. Every other child owns this game and your child will not lag behind as he will be well aware of the Properties and their real-life problems. Your little ones will be able to understand the world in a better manner. 

The game will also polish up the core skills and will know the importance of interaction. Buying, purchasing and rent are all that it revolves around. It will polish up the mathematical skills and will make your child more active. It will teach your child the importance of money and investment in a fun manner.

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Games are a very integral part of your child’s life. They impact your kids in a way like any other friend does. They should be chosen very wisely. The choices of the game alone can make your child smarter and bolder than others. They can keep your child ahead of others and can impact a child’s life in a very positive manner. Your child will learn a lot throughout a game whilst he will not learn anything in other games. Therefore, the choice of the games does impact your child’s life in a way. They can be a great source of fun and learning.

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