Jaipur legs

Jains had set up a charity organisation at Jaipur named ‘Mahavir Handicapped Help Centre’. One of its noble activity is providing artificial legs to needy free of cost. For that purpose they had set up workshop to produce artificial limbs.
Mother Teresa praised the works of the organisation and remarked, “There are large number of handicapped people in Philippines also who need such services.”
Her remarks led to the setting up of Manila branch of the organisation named ‘Mahavir Philippines Foundation.’
The churches began sending handicapped people to the foundation even from remote areas. Thus, it became a beautiful example of co-operation between to religions in the service of the mankind.
The Phillipines President Mrs. Cori Aquino was great admirer of Mother Teresa. She loved to be seen with her. Once, in a function, Mother pointed to some handicapped persons and told her, “Cori, see thoe people? They are walking on feet called ‘Jaipur foot’ provided by Mahavir Foundation. It is doing an excellent work in many countries besides India.”
Indira Gandhi-Sonia Gandhi
Like Phillipines President, then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had great respect for Mother Teresa. Her Italian born daughter-in-law Sonia Gandhi too was fan of Mother.
Indira Gandhi and Mother enjoyed some very special chemistry. Mother too loved and greatly liked Indira Gandhi.
Indira Gandhi was always helpful. Even amid her busy schedule she would steal time to ring up Missionaries of Charity to ask if everything was going well or they were facing some problem. Indiraji kept herself abreast of the works of Mother.
Missionaries of Charity was running a ‘Children Centre’ at Delhi. It was infact Home for orphans. Once it faced a food problem. There was only rice in the stock and no vegetable or dals. And the centre was out of money. The Sisters were planning to cook salted rice with no other option available.
Then, some one seems to have rung up Sonia Gandhi about it.
Shortly afterwards, a van screeched to stop outside the Home. It was loaded with fresh vegetables.
The vegetables were the produce of Prime Minister’s kitchen garden. A note from the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was tagged to a basket.
The Home now had heaps of fresh juicy and pleasant smelling vegetables. Mother Teresa was delighted. She said, “Sister, cook a healthy portion of vegetables today. Let all enjoy the tasty food. And remember to use the perishable vegetables first and save durable types for later use.”
There after, whenever Mother Teresa happened to be in Delhi Indira Gandhi would ring her up to say, “Mother! My kitchen garden is
overladen with the vegetables. Want any?”
Mother’s reply would be, “Send all you can spare. We can use them. God bless you.”
Then, there was a time when Mother Teresa slipped in Darjeeling and dislocated her ankle. Indira Gandhi took time from his busy schedule and flew to see Mother.
During Indira Gandhi’s reign foreign exchange was scarce. Foreign currency was controlled by strict regulations. Mother was getting donations and prizes from foreign nations which naturally was in dollars. This money too came under regulations.
Mother Teresa wanted part of the foreign exchange she got to be deposited in foreign banks as the Missionaries of Charity was becoming a global body. Homes were being opened by it in foreign lands too.
The Prime Minister Indira Gandhi amended the Act to give exemption to Mother Teresa’s organisation which enabled it to spend money on foreign projects.

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