Rotteneggers Return

After Sam Rottenegger’s failed attempt in the teaser “What Happened” to egg his least favourite band, he came up with another plan. This time he would use rotten eggs, and get in and out of the concert quickly. He took 6 eggs from his fridge and put them in a box in his closet for the two months before the concert to ensure they would be really rotten. The night of the concert finally arrived, and Sam placed his eggs on the kitchen counter while he looked for a suitable container for transporting them. However, as he was digging through the cupboards, he didn’t notice his mother was putting the 6 rotten eggs into the fridge with 6 good eggs. When Sam discovered what had happened, he just stared at the carton of eggs in dismay. He had no idea how to tell them apart, as there were no smells or visible signs to indicate which eggs were which. Sam might have stood there all night if his sister hadn’t come along and told him if he gave her $5.00 and a glass of water, she’d tell him which were rotten and which were fresh. Sam was sceptical, but paid up. She separated the eggs and Sam, still wondering if she was right, placed the eggs on the passenger seat of his car as he drove off to the concert. Unfortunately for Sam, she had correctly separated the eggs, as he found out the hard way when he came to an abrupt stop, causing the eggs to pull a humpty dumpty on Sam’s floor. So how did she separate the eggs if there were no odours or visible signs?

Sam’s sister knew that fresh eggs sink when put in water, but as an egg rots it produces hydrogen sulphide gas, which gets trapped inside the egg. This makes them float in water thus making them easy to separate by placing them in a glass of water.

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